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The Story

The David G Ward Project - Dave Ward guitar/vocals Elsie Ward vocals

A little bit about The David G Ward Project...

What started out as a hobby turned into The Project.

I am not really good at talking about myself or the music and not to bore you with the "I was born east of The Rockies..."
You guessed it, I have been an audiophile since I could use tools, ripping speakers apart and creating combinations to get better sound...not always with success. Bought a guitar when stationed in South Korea (Army) and taught myself to play. Have been playing/writing on and off for a few decades but had stopped completely in the mid 90's when a Nashville A and R rep ripped me a new ego. But I think that was for the best. Was thinking the music was all that and a bag of chips, hard lesson, hard to take, but learned a ton...
For my 5th decade on the Blue Marble the wife gave me a budget for a new guitar. As expected there where scheduling conflicts and budget overruns that led to the new axe and a moderately well equipped home studio. She is a keeper! (and yes she does tell me when something sux) That is when the hobby turned into The Project. It has been and will continue to be a fun ride.

I cannot say enough about the people I have met along the way. Stand outs are Jeff Spencer, Bill Henceroth, Richard Boston, David Rouzzo (Keepin' It Radio), Joe Sinkovich, Joe and Aly Carbon of 713 name a few and in no particular order. Instrumental in giving the music a place to be heard and sorely needed confidence in moving forward. Taking the music in different directions with open tunings and having someone to bounce ideas of off and running with their ideas...that is just plan fun there folks. There are tons more, you know who you are...1st rounds on me! But one more needs mention. A one Mr. Paul Baggott from Dudley, UK. My Producer, My Engineer, My Mastering, My Mentor...still need to make my way across the pond and lift a few jars with him.

If you would have told me 5 plus years after I started writing again, there would be 4 albums released plus 1 single...I would have said you were out of your mind...strange things do happen.

No telling where it goes from here so Support Local Music folks, get out and tune in.


Stay in Tunes,
Dave Ward